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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the exciting sport of power wheelchair soccer and the upcoming 2017 FIPFA World Cup. We are so excited to share with you how your business can join a team of local, regional, national, and even international  sponsors who will be partnering with the United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA) and the Federation Internationale de Futbol Association (FIPFA) to bring the most exciting sport on four wheels to the international arena for the 3rd World Cup!  

We truly believe that your partnership provides athletes with disabilities from all over the world the chance to experience the highest level of competition, while also allowing your company the opportunity to align itself with a brand that exemplifies inclusion, determination and excellence!

For more information about the extensive local and national print and multimedia marketing opportunities for your company through sponsorship of the 2017 FIPFA World Cup please review our Sponsorship Package.  We are sure your stakeholders and customers (both current and future!) will benefit from seeing your commitment to a community of athletes rising above the challenges and obstacles that accompany a disability to truly aspire to greatness in both sport and life.   We expect thousands of fans to join us at the Osceola Heritage Park and online for this event, providing maximum exposure for your brand! 

We are thrilled to offer your business the platform to share your brand with thousands of sports fans, coaches and players!  Join us in being a part of history in the making as we bring the 3rd FIPFA World Cup to U.S. soil!  For more detailed information about sponsorship levels and benefits, please contact:

Karen Russo

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Feel free to download the electronic version of our sponsorship booklet for easy transference.

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